A Little Story

The Creative Cheerleader is a project that  focuses on harnessing joy in creative work, self care and community- it also illuminates the everyday lives and journeys of creative individuals, in order to cultivate better relationships with our creative work.  

It is more than a feel good movement, it is a careful awakening to Joy, to see that the role of the tormented artist isn’t serving anyone other than killing the joy that comes from creating.

We want to shine a light on how people we admire really get to make the things that they make, what drives them and how they cultivate joy, and maybe learn courage through watching others do so.  

From rituals to tools, creative spaces to creative blocks, The Creative Cheerleader seeks to show how its the little pockets of choices that we make regarding how we choose to create that makes our work magical.

We will be exploring how we can deal with procrastination, finances,  self-doubt, fear, joy, finding your creative voice,self-care, or not knowing how to say no.

You can find resources from worksheets . zine and also uncover life lessons from various experiments and our newsletters. 

You could also book a session for joy dragging with us.

i look forward to taking this journey with you. 

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