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The woman I am becoming gives me chills. I'm obligated to move differently. I have work to do.  - Sarah of Blood Bone and Honey

My name is kamnelechukwu and after being on earth for 25yrs i realized that i wanted to choose joy. As happy as that may sound i realized that it required vulnerability and courage and those two require that you show up for yourself everyday and do the work of choosing your own narrative. I'm a full-time feminist, joy dragger,  photographer and filmmaker

In the last 5 years , i have written a book about bravery, traveled to the Northern part of the country and dismantled my bias, had a quarter life crisis , tried and failed at so many things, known brokenness, started a newsletter and published a zine, and i am writing my second book which is due in December 2019.

I am not a big fan of the word passion because i still cannot find the burning thing that keeps me up at night, but i am huge on trying things and Elizabeth Gilbert calls the ones like me “Hummingbirds” . The things i like range from God , Interior decorating, writing, chocolate, warm hugs, carefully crafted newsletters, paramore, safe spaces in the form of friends and family and dismantling patriarchy.

My favorite things are 

  • The internet, it has given me some of the least expected blessings in my life and then memes.
  • Walking through the city  live in at
  • Warm hugs 
  • comedy shows
  • Newsletters.

its your turn, i would love to connect with you, no TMI's here. 


Kamnelechukwu Obasi.

Central Mosque, Bauchi. 

Kwarabai, Zaria.

Ekoli, Edda. 

Tarkwa Bay, Lagos.


Kamnelechukwu Obasi is a Video artist, creative storyteller and self-taught documentary photographer from Nigeria focused on dismantling stereotypes surrounding sexuality, beauty standards, love, ancestral beliefs and religion, and online culture . She began her journey in 2016 and has since been commissioned by This is Africa and is a contributor for North is Not Not.

In 2017, she was a participant of the Gary Knight storytelling masterclass after which led to the documentation of the male body and its choice to internalize its issues by using silence as punishment and also defiance.

Kamnelechukwu is the author of Brave which is a collection of Prose Poems and Images. She has also been featured by Konbini , Elsieisy and SisterNamibia and Guardian Nigeria (Print).


2019 Issue 1, Kabaka Magazine.


2018  LagosPhoto x CanonAlumni, Lagos Nigeria


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